Happy Miles- First Impression
There are some pairings that never lose their charm.These include: 1) Shakespeare and his ‘Thou’, ‘Thy’, ‘Thee’ 2) Morgan and Stanley 3) Chalk and Duster 4) Venus and Mars And, our personal favorite:
Education and Entertainment At Happy Miles, we want to bring you the best of both worlds. Outside the classroom, you take on more responsibility and you have more fun. The risks are greater and so are the rewards. There is no better way to learn this than a hands-on approach. Happy Miles brings you to the experts for some‘gyaan' and then joins you for the after-party. Our intricately tailored tours and IVs promote practical, hi-tech learning, rich activities focusing on teamwork and leadership; all with a dash of entertainment.
We encourage a serious diplomatic discussion at the United Nations Headquarters and promise you a fun-filled adventure at the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland) the next day.
We bring to you the melodious magic of the Uffizi gallery in Italy along with the glitz and glamour of a guided fashion tour in Florence. We offer you the magnificence of the Mehrangarh Fort and the luxury of the Swiss Tents amidst the miles of golden, sun-kissed sand dunes Happy Miles believes in smiles. We aspire to give you the trip of your life and ensure complete safety of you and your belongings with our individual insurance option. Time is money and we couldn’t agree more! We ensure timely arrival and departure and offer the option of partial reimbursement in case of delays. Happy Miles hosts a pre-trip session to better equip you with all that you are going to experience and how to get the most out of it. We believe in maximum exposure and maximum merriment. The Happy People at Happy Miles personally work alongside the teaching faculty and the students to bring you the experience of a lifetime. Our Miles