Meet The Team

Our Team - One of the team member sharing their journey with Happymiles !

  • Mark Alexander

    Managing Director

    After my education, I wanted to follow my passion which involved meeting new people, exploring destination and trying local delicacies. I realised travel could give me all of this. To add to this, I learnt that I love selling & once I realised education is going to be the biggest market, I thought of merging education with travel and Happymiles was born!

    Responsibilities - Tie ups, Accreditation, Selling, Administration, Volume Retainer Contracts, Negotiations, Relationship Building

  • Gilda Alexander

    Products Team

    Being a management graduate you are always expected to work in a bank or something which gives you a lot of money, but for me job satisfaction mattered more than money. I got immense pleasure in carrying out an in-depth research of a destination, designing tailor made travel itineraries, ensuring a balance between education and entertainment, always doing something unique.

    Responsibilities - Product Development, Destination Research, Value Additions, University/Industry Tie Ups

  • Mahesh Sonar


    I did my management in Travel and Tourism and started my career working with the biggest companies in Travel and Tourism. I realised I almost gave 6 years of my life doing the same thing every day and I wanted a change. I came across Happymiles and got the opportunity to work with them, it's been 4 years here and I learn each and every day. Celebrating my 10 Years in the industry here at Happymiles!

    Responsibilities - Hotel Selection, Vendor Contracts, Reservations and Coordination, End to End Bookings

  • Ar. Nimesh Shetty

    Planner Architecture Tours

    I, being an architect have a passion for travel. I worked for a corporate architecture firm but applying architecture theories in a creative way is what I was looking for when I met Mr. Mark. His vision was to provide exposure to students via study tours and I knew I could add value to the architecture itineraries. Here, I design architecture products making sure the students learn something out on the road to have a better understanding of the architecture of the sights through workshops and not merely visiting them.

    Responsibilities - Designing architecture itineraries, Adding educational value to the products, Planning and organising Workshops, Destination Development

  • S Shaji

    Business Development

    Having Spent 20+ years in hospitality I was looking for something unique, I love promoting the Educational Travel products in various institutions

    Responsibilities - Sales and Business Development

  • Khushboo Goradia

    Account Management

    I worked with an FMCG MNC after my management studies, my profile was not inclined to the skills and passion I possess. Hence, decided to follow my passion of travelling like a backpacker. And exactly then, I came across Happymiles. The best thing that could happen to me. Here, I can use all my skills and add more and more feathers to my hat every single day. I absolutely love my job

    Responsibilities - Key Account Management, Client Servicing, liaising.

  • Geeta Rajput

    Accounts and Administration

    I started working with a B2B travel company after my specialisation in financial markets. Remittances, MIS, Exchange Rate Parity, and Record keeping was my routine work. Here at Happymiles, things are poles apart. The organisational structure is very simple and very approachable. I guess I am one of the few accountants who is no more stressed about work.

    Responsibilities - Payments, Taxation, Revenue Management, MIS, Refunds, End to End banking Transactions and Administration.

  • Akshay Vichare

    Tour Management

    My parents wanted me to take up a good government job after my bachelors in commerce.Being one of the financial supports of the family, I wanted to take up a job which lets me live my dream and helps me financially too. Here at Happymiles, I manage a group of tour managers and I lead student groups of 200-300 students. I have learnt the traits of people management thoroughly. Growth is never a concern at Happymiles!

    Responsibilities - Tour Management, Pre trip Briefing, on trip end to end arrangements.

  • Narendra Dhule

    Execution Team

    I was doing freelance tours with renowned travel companies. I was selected as a part time tour manager at Happymiles, I travelled with Mr. Mark on a group to Rajasthan looking at the dedication I had, he asked me if I can join as a full time employee for which I immediately agreed. I love managing execution for the groups travelling to Europe.

    Responsibilities - Reconfirmations, Executions, Tour Charting, scheduling Departure, Crisis management.

  • Manasmit Rath


    I joined here as a marketing intern during my MBA. I loved the work environment. The culture here is extremely fun and at the same time deadlines are met. How much ever work one has, it never feels worked up. I learnt how the corporate marketing functions, the hows and whats of a travel industry. Helped me gain perspective as a marketer.

    Responsibilities - Digital Marketing, Non Verbal Communications, Corporate AVs, promotional videos

  • Tukka Swami Konar (DAS)

    I want to become a politician and my idol is AMMA (In Tamil). I know I am the second most important person in Happymiles, after sir

    Responsibilities - Driving the Boss Around, Clerical tasks, Delivery boy, in charge for Swacch Bharat, life of all the office parties.