Meet The Team
  • Mark Alexander

    (CEO and MD)

    Mark is a seasoned travel operations professional with approximately 10 years of experience in organising tours for small and large groups as a business owner. After his graduation in management from Wilson College in Mumbai, Mark wanted to follow his passion for exploring new places and culture.

    In his previous ventures in the travel space, Mark had regular interactions with students, pupils, teachers, professors and educators where a common theme of discussion was the gap between practical and theoretical education. This is when he thought to combine his experience in organising affordable travel programs and practical education and Happymiles was born.

    At Happymiles, Mark is responsible for Sales, Administration, Contracting and Negotiations and Customer Relationships.

  • Pratik Malladi

    (Chief Operating Officer)

    Pratik heads the Operations, HR, Finance and Strategy function at Happymiles. Before joining Happymiles, Pratik worked as an Associate Vice President with Ernst and Young in their Transaction Advisory business specialising in corporate and private equity M&A's.

    Pratik has over 8 years of experience in corporate finance, reporting, finance, accounting, tax and strategy consulting.

  • Mahesh Sonar

    (Head of Operations)

    After pursuing his management degree specialising in Travel and Tourism, Mahesh began his career working with WNS. He has 9+ years of rich experience in tour organising and operations which he gained while working at Ottila International (Formerly known as Saltours International). Mahesh is one of the founding members of our team and is associated with Happymiles since 2012.

    At Happymiles, Mahesh is responsible for Contracting and Negotiations, Administration, and Customer Relationships.

  • Gilda Alexander

    (Head of Products)

    After her graduation in Management from SIES in Mumbai, Gilda joined the Happymile's product team to exploit her orientation towards in-depth research in developing programs for schools, pre-university and university level and in various global destinations, designing tailor made travel and learn programs while ensuring balance between education and cultural exchange.

    At Happymiles, Gilda is responsible for Program development, Administration, Contracting and Negotiations, and Customer Relationships.

  • Manasmit Rath

    (Manager - Marketing, Branding and PR)

    Manasmit joined Happymiles as a marketing intern while finishing his MBA at IBS Mumbai. He later rejoined Happymiles to explore his passion for digital marketing, campaigns, events, public relations and marketing. He helps in representation of our tailor-made products, curriculum evaluation and linkage with the overall development and approval of our unique experiential learning activities.

    At Happymiles, Manasmit is responsible for designing and implementation of the company's macro and micro level Marketing Plan, Development and implementation of the Brand strategy, Digital Marketing including Campaigns, Events, and PR.

  • Geeta Rajput

    (Senior Executive, Accounts and Administration)

    Geeta joined Happymiles after working with a B2B travel company post her graduation where she specialised in financial markets, remittances, MIS, forex management, and record keeping.

    At Happymiles, Geeta is responsible for payments, taxation, revenue management, MIS, refunds, end to end banking transactions and administration.

  • Ar. Nimesh Shetty

    (Senior Planner - Architecture Tours)

    Nimesh joined as architect on board to pursue his passion for travel. Nimesh has 3+ years of work experience working at a well-known architecture advisory firm based out of Mumbai. His interest in on-going architecture education and passion for travel pushed him to leave his corporate role to join Happymiles.

    At Happymiles, Nimesh is responsible for curating architecture travel programs, adding educational value to the products, Planning and organising Workshops & Destination Development.

  • Akshay Vichare

    (Senior Associate - Tour Management)

    Akshay joined us after completing his bachelor's degree in commerce. Being a financial support for his family, he wanted to take up a role which lets him live his dream to travel. Here at Happymiles, Akshay comfortably manages groups of 200-300 students for all our programs along with managing other on roll and off roll tour managers.

    At Happymiles, Akshay is responsible for Tour Management, Pre-trip Briefing, on trip end to end arrangements.

  • Narendra Dhule

    (Senior Associate - Operations)

    After working with renowned travel companies as a freelancer on their tours, Narendra joined as a part time tour manager at Happymiles. He travelled Happymiles on a few groups and then joined us full time in the operations team

    At Happymiles, Narendra is responsible for Reconfirmations, Executions, Tour Charting, scheduling Departure, Crisis management.

  • Fahim Munshi

    (Senior Associate - Operations)

    After his graduation in Banking, Fahim decided to pursue master's in Travel and Tourism while also pursuing his career as a professional football player, his passion and dedication to achieve goals is what bought him to Happymiles.

    At Happymiles, Fahim is responsible for Operation duties, Costing and Feasibility Check, Reservations and Coordination, All arrangement pre-tour.

  • Malvika Acharya

    (Senior Associate - Products Development)

    Before joining Happymiles, Malvika worked with some of the top tours and travel companies in India. Her experience in product feasibility and her orientation towards in-depth research in developing products brought her to Happymiles where she is responsible for curating programs for schools, pre-university colleges and universities.

    At Happymiles, Malvika is responsible for Product Design, Destination Research, Itineraries design and Market Research.