"I call Architecture frozen music." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Why Happymiles?

A place can make you feel extraordinary and an architect is responsible for doing that. An architect not only knows how to build the functional structures but have an eye for the beauty. Happymiles helps you to gain knowledge while visiting places from the ancient Dravidian and monolithic architecture to the most modern form of architecture. From the oldest built structure of Pantheon, Rome to the latest structure of Burj Khalifa, Dubai - We cover it all. You get to learn the culture and human nature of a place, first-hand information regarding architecture and its importance. The breathtaking art gives the students an insight of real life model and their future place of interest. It also gives you an opportunity to draw and sketch the beauty. You get practical knowledge which helps you in creating better architecture in future. We cover religious buildings, houses then and now, skyscrapers, theaters, stadiums and parks for your learning. You also have an option to choose an Architect as your tour manager here at Happymiles!

Sagrada Familia renowned Architect Antoni Gaudi's creation Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Real Madrid City of Arts and Science - every contemporary architects dream Guggenheim, groundbreaking 20th-century architecture Alhambra, Islamic art one of the best all overall the world
Topkapi palace witness the Ottoman architecture Kanyon Centre, world's best structured complex Uchisar Castle where Cappadocia mingles with the clouds Goreme Open Air Museum, witness rock-hewn architecture and early-Byzantine fresco technique Temple of Artemis is masterpieces of Western architecture Calcium terraces - 8th Wonder of World UNESCO site
Doge's palace, witness Venetian Gothic architecture Cathedral of Lecce, Baroque church with a stunning interior The Colosseum - Amphitheatre Built of concrete and sand The Florence Cathedral - displays Renaissance architecture The Pitti Palace- represents Italian & European masters art Pantheon - inspiration to architects (2000 years old)
Water Cube - building that is visually striking, energy efficient, and ecologically friendly Kanyon Centre, world's best structured complex Birds nest (National Stadium) Beijing South Railway station, witness modern & elegant construction Soho Peaks - renowned Architect Zaha Hadid creation Oriental pearl tower, highest TV and radio tower in Asia 3rd tallest in the world Gigantic steel loop dubbed the 'Ring of Life'
Infinity Tower - attracts by the twisting shape architecture Burj Al Arab - Iconic UAE towering more than 1,000 feet in the air Lighthouse Tower - Low Carbon Commercial Tower Icon Hotel- modernistic construction Burj khalifa, categorized as most expensive and modern structured hotel in the world
Olympia Stadium - oldest structure its pre-War architecture intact BMW Welt - COOP HIMMELB, the architect won International price for the best structure & design Mercedes Benz museum - perfect design based on the geometry of a clover Porsche Museum - Architects chosen from over 170 entries from all over Europe to build the best structure Berlin Wall - study on the landscapes of the Berlin Wall
Royal Architecture of Amber Fort City Palace - Striking blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture Akshardham reflects real glimpse of Indian architecture Arabian night in Sam sand dunes Historical visit to Mehrangarh fort One of the best hotels in India - Umaid Bhawan
Taj Mahal - An artist's paradise Lotus Temple Visit to India Habitat Centre Exploring Corbusier creatives The Secretiat and the Capitol Complex Architecturally intelligent plan of Sector 17
Kapaleeshwar Temple depicting the Dravidian style of architecture Indo - Sarcenic buildings in Chennai Paanch Rathas of Mahabalipuram Dakshinachitra Complex Architect's hub - Auroville Pinch of French architecture in French town, Pondicherry
Visit to CEPT - a place for creative minds Adalaj ni vav or the Stepwells of Ahmedabad shows brilliant work Another Corbusier genius - ATMA Explore the beautiful campus of IIM A Excursion to Dholavira - a site of architectural and archaeological importance
UB city of Bangalore for picturesque architecture Glass House or Lal Bagh a botanical garden Bangalore Palace - Windsor Castle of India Group of monuments in Hampi - UNESCO world Heritage site Badami cave temples and Badami fort Golgumbaz at Bijapur
Khajuraho group of temples - UNESCO world Heritage site Ship Palace Jami Masjid for its simplicity yet a stern construction Architect's mecca - Sun Temple again UNESCO world Heritage site Indore White Church is a fine specimen of European architecture.