Why Happymiles?

An artist seeks for the beauty in everything he looks upon. Taste of art, curiosity for history and exploring the culture helps you transforming yourself. We try that our students understand the local culture. You also travel with time by visiting various forts that captivates you with its art and architecture. Amer Fort, Victory fort, Red fort will leave you spellbound with the art and architecture that has been endowed to it.

Happymiles helps you to gain knowledge while visiting places from the ancient Mughal architecture to the modern form of architecture. Experience royalty, experience the tale of love, Taj Mahal (One of the Seven Wonders of the World). Live few hours like a Rajasthani and eat the local cuisine at Chokhidhani. The four cave temples in Badami represents the secular nature of the rulers once, with tolerance and a religious following that inclines towards Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Our international packages covers the history, art and culture altogether. You visit a country, visit the sights, learn its basic language and interact with people. Explore the unique volcanic landscape and enchanting valleys, 'fairy chimneys' and cave dwellings of Turkey to one of the seven wonders of the world- Pyramid of Giza.

We at Happy Miles strive to give you the experiential knowledge in a single trip.

Pyramids at Giza Memphis - An impressive limestone colossus remains Sakkara was the royal burial site, the largest archaeological site in Egypt Visit the impressive Philae Temple Visit the High Dam which was constructed to control the annual flooding of the Nile River
Vietnam - Cambodia
Visit the Reunification Palace War Remnants Museum-display of the futility of war Visit Notre Dame Cathedral best example of classical French colonial architecture Visit Long Tan Memorial Cross Tour of the world-famous Angkor Wat, an architectural masterpiece of the Khmer Empire At the Angkor Thom complex we see the ornate entrances adorned with gods and demons Visit National Museum with its many ancient Angkor artifacts Visit the Killing Field and Independence Monument
Sagrada Familia - A cathedral and A museum tells the story of Gaudi Learn Spanish in the Spanish speaking classes Become a Spanish cooking expert with Spanish Cooking classes Dance on the Spanish tunes - learn Flamenco Visit a yogurt company and taste number of yogurts
The Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built by the Romans St. Peter's Basilica - it is still the world's largest religious building The world's smallest state plays host to one of the finest art galleries like Sistine Chapel Pinacoteca, Chiaramonti Museum, Gregoriano Egizio Museum, Gregoriano Etrusco Museum The iconic symbol of Italy, Pisa's bell-tower Uffizi gallery is the Florence's finest art gallery
Athens - the enchanting capital of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world The National Archaeological Museum features the greatest collection of Greek antiquities in the world Delphi is by common consent the most spectacularly beautiful ancient site in Greece Agora, the focus of political, commercial, administrative and social activity, the religious and cultural centre Visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus - Tour the 2004 Olympics Stadium Explore the Greek islands and years of history along the Mediterranean.
Cappadocia - Explore this unique volcanic landscape, 'fairy chimneys' and cave dwellings Ephesus - Walk the marble streets and the ancient ruins depicting its rich history Pamukkale and Hierapolis -Home to one of Turkey's most amazing natural wonders, the 'frozen waterfall', Turquoise Coast - Swim in the warm waters that give this stunning coastline its name Istanbul - Discover the magic of 'Old Stamboul' on foot, including the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace
Amer Fort leaves one spellbound with the art and architecture that has been endowed to it Victory Fort features a cannon named Jaivana - largest cannon on wheels Experience the Rajasthani culture of royalty in Umaid Bhawan Palace See the Rajasthani textile art in the textile manufacturing units Live like a local and eat like a local at Chokhi Dhani
Amritsar - Delhi - Agra
Visit the Golden Temple at Amritsar to have a spiritual journey India Pakistan ties have been known, yet Wagah border makes you lose those perceptions Get nostalgic about the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh Taj Mahal stands tall to tell you a tale of love Red Fort reminds you of the Mughal ruling period The architecture at Fatehpur Sikri will entice you towards the Mughal architecture
Hampi - Badami
The ruins at Hampi depicts the rich history of Vijayanagara empire Virupaksha Temple predates the founding of the Vijayanagara empire Archaeological Museum at Kamalapura Aihole in mythology has an important place and is known as Cradle of Hindu Rock Architecture The four cave temples in Badami represents the blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism Chalukya Style of Architecture is prevalent in Pattadakal