To experience another country's culture can be fun, but at the same time quite daunting. Doing it on one’s own is fun no doubt since you depend solely on yourself but if you have the opportunity of having someone to guide you while you learn to do things on your own is better. Since my recent trip Spain was mainly for education (you can't disregard the fun though) the directional help given by happymiles, from the schedules to the management, especially by Mr. Mark Alexander has been very gratifying. They've helped me scale my way a little and for that I am thankful. Thanks for the amazing memories guys. Cheers!

- Faculty of Architecture (Manipal University) - Rishita Sen

There are normal and boring trips and there is a trip organised by happy miles. I have gone for so many industrial visits earlier and there will be none compared to this one. From serving us the perfect breakfast to choosing the best and most luxurious hotel available and giving us the best food one can give to ensuring the site visits were perfectly executed. The best two day trip ever.

I would like to specially mention the food served to my students during this trip. mind blowing is the word. The choice, the spread and the taste -- immaculate.

I thank Mr Akshay, our tour guide, for making this trip the best one for our kids. This was our first trip with you Happymiles and now you can bet this won't be our last. Thank you for putting the happy smiles on our kids. Kudos to the team.

- Joyanto Mukherjee - Dean, Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management

I have worked for 35 years with this institution and have co-ordinated companies. With Happymiles I saw the sense of commitment. Everything that was promised, was always delivered. Our students find complete value for money in the itineraries designed by happymiles. It's been 3 years of working with them and we hope to continue this association for many more years. All the best, Team Happy miles

- Prof Adarsh Suri - Chief Coordinator, Jai Hind College

We went to SPAIN with Happymiles and visited the Madrid, Granada, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona. We saw the best of the sites and the students could witness word heritage and UNESCO sites. The trip was amazingly planned. Hotels, sights, Indian Meals and the time coordination was perfect. Being an Architect, I studied minute details of every sight. I will definitely recommend happymiles for SPAIN.

- Ar. Sunil Magdum - Vice Principal, Hiray College of Architecture

My personal experience with this company was amazing. I went for 2 trips with them - Kerala and Rajasthan. The best thing I liked about them is the hospitality part in both my trips. The hotels were of the best standards and the food provided was really hygienic and tasty. They knew exactly how to change the menu everyday so that the students don't get bored. I find happymiles very professional and hence we have made them our Travel partners for our next academic year.

- Gopal Krishna Pillai - Trustee Member , Pillai Group of Institutions

My annual international immersion trip to Spain with happymiles was good. We appreciate the efforts by Mr Mark. We hardly had time but he got the Visas in less than 15 days. We visited good industries but I would like to give a suggestion to include automobile industries and TED Talk Sessions to our business graduates. We had less time but for our next trip please keep this in mind. Over all good experience.

- Prof. KAVITA VENKATACHARI - International Immersion In charge, IBS MUMBAI

Have seen this company grow in front of me, amazing hospitality. Their mantra of under promising and over deliveringalways makes each and every student happy. Wish them all the best ! Great Experience with our last trip to Dalhousie and Amritsar

- Prof. Rani Dsouza - Mass Media Department, Don Bosco

We had gone to Chandigarh and Manali with Happymiles. Extremely professional towards each and every detail. The trip was hectic due to the long bus journeys but with my request, they got us an Early check in at 4 am in the hotel. I really appreciate their efforts and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

- Dr. Shanti Suresh - Senior Prof . SIES Mumbai

This was my 2nd trip this year with happymiles, I had gone to Spain with them last year and now to Rajasthan, we covered Jaipur jodhpur and Jaisalmer. For a 10 day trip the rates offered were extremely reasonable. Our dean was worried about the services since the rates were low but I knew Mr Mark and his work, so I asked him to be rest assured. The hotels which we got were superb, we could experience the ethnicity of Rajasthan. Some Bollywood celebrities were staying in the same hotels as oursso the students were really happy. 10/10 for food. Overall very fruitful experience. Looking forward to our next trip to Dubai with happymiles.

- Ar. Onkar Kulkarni - Coordinator, Amity School of Architecture, Mumbai

Fun trip, had an amazing time, wish them all the best for the upcoming trips.

- Ar. Paresh Kapadia - Senior Faculty, JJ college of Architecture, Mumbai

When it comes to students, we are very careful with selecting tour operators, we had gone to Shimla with happymiles. The experience was amazing as they kept the students involved and busy. From Salsa workshop, live Singing performance to treasure hunt and team building games the students had an amazing time. I remember the last day when we had to leave, the students did not want to go back home. It was a great experience. All the best to happymiles for starting PAN INDIA Branches.

- Mildred Lobo - Chief Coordinator, SM Shetty international School

I personally love travelling. I had taken a group of fashion marketing students to Italy with Happymiles. We visited the best of the factories - Louis Vuitton, Gucci , Ferragamo, Prada, and Ferrari. It was a very good experience, overall a well-coordinated trip.

- Prof Seema Singh - Fashion Marketing, Raffles India.


Happy miles served with something way more than expected. Being on architecture college tour from pillai's (rasaeni) all facilities and educational purpose was fulfilled whereas time to time we were being given all entertainment facilities throughout week like campfire night, pub nights etc. Preference will always be happymiles from next time.

- Preshita Raorane (PILLAI)

Having travelled internationally a dozen of times I had never taken a guided tour. November 2015 trip to Spain was the first through a college with HappyMiles! Mr. Mark Anthony being our main organizer briefed our entire group (of 60!!) a number of times and took care of all the documents needed to travel himself. Our trip started off by receiving goody bags from Team Happymiles and a really comfortable bus to pick us up at the Madrid airport. Not only did they take us to see amazing structures but also experience Spain, its culture, its food, etc. They accommodated all our needs from food to shopping to clubbing and Sky diving! Local food was provided twice on our request! (This not only included vegetarian but also Jain food) We visited Madrid, Granada, Cordoba, Valencia, Seville and Barcelona. The bus journeys were very comfortable and a lot of fun, as our organizers were pretty interactive and funny. Drive through the coast for about an hour was my favourite. All the restaurants we ate at had amazing food! The organizers handled our group very well (which isn't an easy task) and we were never late or missed out on anything. Overall, a 5 star job done by team Happymiles! The trip truly was a memorable one! Would definitely travel again to another destination with them.

- Sakhi Pol, Hiray College Of Architecture

I had stumbled upon happy miles with the help of my tour guide for our tour in the second year. Believe me, I am glad I did! Compared to the two earlier tours I had gone for with my batch, our tour to Delhi-Agra-Chandigarh in the third year was exquisite! Yeah there are the typical issues of getting cranky to wake up or getting bored of the bus travel but the 4 and 5 star hotels with their delicious food and luxurious rooms made the travelling worth it! And to sum it all up, it's light on all our wallets! So pack your bags and book your next tour with happymiles 'coz it'll be fabulous!

- Ashish Dandekar, JJ College


One thing which matters when you travel is the energy of the whole group and our tour manager maintained it, thankfully. Looking forward next year for sure. HappyMiles carried out the whole trip very well. Wonderful Experience!

- Umesh, VIT, Mumbai (Mechanical Engineering)

Our trip with HappyMiles was unbelievable and I have only one word to describe it, MARK. His knowledge of the country and his openness made the education components of the trip so wonderful for all of the students. The services matched what they offered. They do make you happy every mile of trip.

- Rahul Chavan, VJTI, Mumbai (Electronics and Telecommunication)


Spain trip with HappyMiles was amazing. It was my first foreign visit. I'd just like to thank you for all your work on our trip. The accommodation was lovely and each day ran smooth. It was like a vacation well spent at the same time we got to know about functioning of various industries and how the Spanish economy functions.

- Satendra, IBS, Mumbai (Management)

Undergraduate Management

Happymiles simply gives the best experience in a tour. Right from getting the visa done to dropping everyone safely back to India the services can't get better. If travel is a passion for someone, happymiles is the company to travel with. Under the leadership of Mr. Mark, along with getting a great learning experience in a foreign country, it gave us many moments in Spain that has become the best memories of our life. It made us learn the entire business and corporate culture of Europe by making great efforts in organising field visits to many high-profile companies.

- Kunal Parlikar (SIES)

Undergraduate Management

I have been very satisfied with the travel services offered to me by HappyMiles. All the provisions like the transpost, accomodation, food etc and other small provisions were taken care off. They will be eager to serve you anytime and anywhere. We were in a large number, around 130 students yet no matter what requests we had, the tour managers were always professional in meeting our needs. We are so impressed by their attention to detail and knowledge of the business. They keep high standards that do not dissapoint. Thankyou HappyMiles for an unforgettable trip.

- Richa Doctor, UPG (SVKM), Mumbai


We had been to Hyderabad for 4 days with Happy Miles, we visited some of the best Pharmacy industries. We visited Nagarjuna dam, lumbini park, Hussain Sagar lake and other famous sights. They also arranged for famous Hyderabadi Biryanis for us on our demand. Thank you, HappyMiles, we had a memorable trip.

- Suchitra Sankaranarayan, ICT Matunga (Pharmacy)

Mass Media

The trip to Radio mirchi in Amritsar was amazing, we could witness the live show and everyone interacted with the radio jockey. Apart from the radio station we visited Golden temple and Wagah border where we all did a small dance performance. Best experience of my life. Hotels and other services were really good. Cheers to Happymiles

- Juvan Aranha, DB BMM

Fashion & Luxury brand management

My 1st International trip with Happymiles to Italy was extremely enriching, we visited the best design houses and luxury brands. After this trip I decided that I'll be doing my masters in fashion from Milan. Thank you Happymiles for this exposure!

- Shweta R SHARMA - Fashion Designing - Raffles India.