Why HappyMiles?

Finding a company you can count on and build a relationship for long term is a difficult task.We are here to make our relations sturdy. This is how we do it:

> Safety

Safety of the students is the major concern for every parent and teacher. Ours as well. We make sure everything is in place for our students to avoid any kind of mishaps. Safety measures are taken pre-trip and on-trip for a happy time!

Pre-trip measures:
  • Insurance

    First thing after the confirmation of the trip, we insure all the students who are travelling. The insurance covers delay in transit, cancellations before departure, accidents and medical treatments, hotel bouncing, loss of checked in baggage, etc. We hand over the insurance copies to all the students before departure.

  • Briefing session

    Before the trip, we brief the students about the whole itinerary, temperature conditions, and safety measures to be taken when on trip, and the idea of the destination. The tour managers are introduced in this session.

On-trip measures:
  • Experienced Tour Managers

    Tour Managers are the actual game players of the trips. All our tour escorts are certified and have minimum 5 years of experience in the domain. They are well trained in standard first aid and basic life support.

  • First Aid Kit

    Our Tour Managers always carry first aid kits with them to address emergency situations, if any. This is the most basic need for any trip. We advise the students also to carry basic first aids on trips.

  • Transfers

    The vehicles that we hire for our transfers on trips, all are licensed, have permits, insurance, and trained and responsible drivers. We take care of maximum glitches, yet in case of a breakdown, emergency vehicles are arranged immediately for smooth continuation of the trip.

> Vendor Contracts

We have pre purchased vendor contracts with the domestic and international chain of hotels. Over the years, good relations are developed with these hotels and hence they ensure best services. We have these contracts in 3-star, 4 star and 5 star hotels. Rooms allotted are 275-350 sq. ft. with proper hygiene maintained. Well-kept and sanitized washrooms, fresh towels, hot water facilities, etc. we ensure a comfortable stay. From the safety point of view, all our contracted hotels have CCTV cameras installed.

> Industrial Visits:

Coming to the core purpose of the trip, we arrange visits in industries of high repute where students can learn the applications of the theories they study in the classroom. We have collaborations with top manufacturing firms, material handling firms, packaging firms, engineering companies, etc. We also arrange seminars where experts speak about the respective fields. However, minimum time for arranging these visits and events would be 60-90 days.

> Railway Meals

We arrange railway meals for students on prior request. Food arranged is sourced from famous eateries from particular cities.

> No hidden cost

We provide a detailed itinerary to the institutions with all the costs mentioned. There is no hidden cost. Only personal expenses would incur apart from the cost mentioned.